My Apartment at 58 Bristol St., Cambridge

*gasp* So, now you know where I live. Well, it's not too much of a risk since I'm listed in the phone book and even keep my address in my .plan file. This might be useful for people I want to find my place to find my place. If I include a map of Cambridge, then one would really be able to find the place.

After all I just hear endless complaining from my friends who say they never see me. So I give them an open invitation, but they have no sense of direction. I give them the best directions I can, but they fail miserably and show up really late. Maybe if I give them pictures of the place they'll have better luck.

Pictures of the Front of My Apartment

Pictures of the Inside of My Apartment

Yeah, keep dreaming...

Map of the Surrounding Area

My apartment is the red "X"