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Random Art that I Found on the Internet

These are some image files of art that I have come across in my travels across the InterNet. They are all quite interesting, if not also quite disturbing. They are mainly collected from Usenet news, FTP sites, and Gopher sites. I thought I would just put them all in one place on the web that way people could search for them more easily.

If you have any contributions that you would like me to add, I encourage you to send them to me. I currently have no shortage of disk space. You can also drop them in my incoming FTP directory (/pub/boogles/incoming) on this machine, which happens to be a write only directory.

Joe Coleman

Official Page: Joe Coleman Online
I'm not too familiar with this artist, but I did get a helpful user who provided me with a little bit of info. Thanks!

Date: Wed, 16 Nov 94 17:11:38 -0800
From: tre@shoko.calarts.edu (Tom Erbe)
Subject: your Random Art Gallery

That looks like (though I am not sure) some of the art Joe Coleman has
done. He has done a few underground comix for Blab magazine (Kitchen
Sink Press) as well as many paintings featuring mostly serial
killers/demented criminals. He is also well known as a performance
artist who straps explosives on his body and, well, blows himself
up. Read all about him in the "Pranks" issue of ReSearch, a
journal/coffee table book from San Francisco.

tom erbe
I can sure sympathize with this one, there have been times in the hospital that I've thought something along these lines.

H.R. Giger

I used to have a whole bunch of H.R. Giger's works here. However, there are a nuber of sites that have more comprehensive collections. I've decided to take mine off-line and let the others take up the slack.

Back when I first put this page up, the web was young and not so "real" and commercialized. I don't have the time to keep up with these more professional efforts. Especially since there is now an official site.

Now I'll just have to find something new and wierd to put up here in its place.


A rendition showing the true nature of the hero of many children.

And now for something completely different...

As I said before, none of the above pictures are mine, I just collected them. However if you would like to view some pictures that I have taken, feel free to. They aren't nearly as interesting as the ones on this page, but I took them all by myself.