Bexley Hall at MIT

Disclaimer: these are my opinions, all opinions, and nothing but opinions. If you believe there are any facts below, you are probably mistaken. If you can't deal with this fact, just go away. If you'd like to send me flaming hate mail, it is more than welcome. Then I can either ignore it or start up a good ol' fashion flame-war.

Bexley Hall is not to be confused with Bexley, Ohio; Bexley, Mississippi; or Bexley Ice Cream which is produced in Bexley, Ohio. Although we do have a cool party at the end of the year called "Beast Roast" where we may serve ice cream. Although I have yet to meet a person that lives in Bexley Hall at MIT who has visited Bexley, Ohio. My mom sent me an empty container of Bexley Ice Cream. She said it tasted good, and I guess I'll have to take it on faith.

Maybe someday someone will put an description of our little dormitory online; perhaps the one that shows up in the Undergraduate Residence Guide. Although maybe we should have a description in the "true Bexley tradition," where there is no one official view. Maybe a file that is left world writable or something. Although it would be cool if people could only add things to the page, that way it would just grow out of control and have all kinds of flame-wars back and forth. Sort on an online besk log of sorts.

Hmm... This is beginning to look like an on-line description.

Undisputed Facts Regarding Bexley

Well, I'm sure someone could dispute them. However there are a few things I'm sure all of the residents could agree on, if we could get them all together.

Hey, maybe I should put the rules in...

The Rules of Life at Bexley

This set of rules has stood for many years as quite possibly the only codified tradition of Bexley. I believe it's success and beauty lies in its simplicity, and is therefore easy to remember. After all, how easy is it to remember English Common Law? To avoid confusions and misconceptions we just boiled it down to some basic principles, and at least this way it is internally self consistent.

1. Bury your own dead.

This means you make your best effort possible to solve your own problems. You don't run across the street to the dean's office just because you are too immature to try to work things out with your fellow residents.

2. No smoking in the elevators.

There are no elevators. Although people who smoke in other areas may be considered to be jerks.

3. No more rules.

If you follow the first two rules and think about them hard enough, then this list should be complete.

The Bexley Mailing List

So, we have our own mailing list too. It's It's generally pretty quiet, but every so often there is a good flame-war. Otherwise, it is a lot of net.humor forwarded from people. Some people are greatly amused/unamused by the flamage of one particular former resident, the late Perry Finley <>. So, read those messages, they are never boring. I'm sure they will provoke some emotional reaction, they always seem to for everyone else.

I'm not sure who the list admin is these days. I suppose I could really find out if sufficiently motivated. It just changes too often as people graduate.

Oh yeah, if you'd like to read the archive of the Bexley mailing list and you haven't figured out yet that you should click on the title above these paragraphs. It is password protected these days, because some former residents don't want their employers reading their hurried words. Send me mail if you need the password.

Location Name:  Bexley
County:         George (28039)
State/Province: Mississippi (MS)
Country:        United States (US)
Area Code:      601
Latitude:       30 57' 59" N
Longitude:      88 40' 27" W

Location Name:  Bexley
County:         Franklin (39049)
State/Province: Ohio (OH)
Country:        United States (US)
Latitude:       39 58' 08" N
Longitude:      82 56' 16" W
Population:     13405
Zip Code:       43209

Last updated August 21, 2001