The Bexley Mural

The Mural in My Room

Click here for a picture.

Yes indeed, this is a rendition of my dormitory that appears on my wall in my room. This is not the original mural, but is a replica of the original which was done in the early 1970's. This copy was made by the sister of a former occupant of my room (i.e. Randy's sister).

If you click on the mural again you will get a copy of the original TIFF file it was scanned from. Special thanks to Yonald Chery <> for taking the photograph and scanning it in.

The Real Bexley Mural

here for a picture.

Above is the original mural, the one in my room is based off it. (You might notice the similarity.) Compare and see which you like better. No one really remembers who painted the original, where it was located, or when it existed; however, it is still a timeless classic. (Well, if you do have more info I'd be happy to hear it.) Click on it again for an even larger image, perfect for framing.

Thanks again to Yonald for the scanning.

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