What is a boogles?

Well, first off I'm boogles, that's my nickname. That's pronounced boo-gulz. Where did I get it? That's a different story.

Here's the short story. I was given the nickname by my best friend's sister while I was in the 6th grade. The name stuck and people called me that through high school, and I even responded to it as my name.

When I got to MIT I decided to use it as a user name because it was witty and was very unique. In fact I have yet to see the word boogles used in any context except non-sensical sentences. So I think I made a good choice. People remember it very well, and it spells itself.

So, what's the long story?

So, I was over at my best friend's house. His name is Chris, and his sister's name is Holly. We were playing some computer game on his TI-99 where one is a knight. The computer asks me what my name is and I entered "Sir Booga Booga."

Holly then mistakenly read the awful TI-99 text as "Sir Booga Looga" and started calling me "Booga Looga Zuzga," because it rhymed so well. Being the young kids that we were, they both bugged me incessantly with this. They quickly shortened it down to "boogles" and told all the kids at school the next day.

After that it spread like wildfire, and like most childhood nicknames it was impossible to escape even if I wanted to. Since it had no meaning, and had no negative connotations I didn't find it offensive. The closest thing it could be mistaken with is "boggle," and with my nerdy/spacy personality in grade school it wasn't far off the mark.

I had used the name as a user name a number of times before coming to MIT, and I just naturally took it as my user name here. It's easy to remember and very unique, although some tell me I'll probably want to change it when I actually get a job. Who knows what will happen?

The boogles remix?!?

So this page has happily sat on this web server for 6 years without any additions or changes. Who would be looking at it? It is just part of the detritus of the web, or so I thought.

Why? Here's what John sent to me:
We are experimental/electronic musicians and basically we do things that most people would not expect. Greg found your site and IMed me saying he liked your pictures. I poked around and while I was digesting your site I came across a Sun au file (I was excited to stumble upon such a classic format). I quickly send Greg a link to the file and he responded with "SAMPLE OF THE MILLENIUM". I then asked Greg if he would like to have a remix-off. The way you say "boogles" is somehow very hilarious, like you have just responded to the question of "what's the password". Basically I just took and Erik Satie song and played the sample at awkward moments. Greg build a song around the sample and then we had them judged. It only took about an hour from finding the sample to emailing you the final product. The reason I dug deeper on your site at all was your taste is music, very similar to mine, also the classy use of photoshop lens flare. Im surprised you responded at all. As far as putting it on your site, sure [...]

Last updated June 20th, 2003