boogles's CD library

I realize this page is really nerdy, but some friends do frequently ask to borrow CDs from me. How else are they going to know which ones to ask for? I'm certainly not going to let them spend a 1/2 hour searching my house for the right CD.

Generated live from my CD database.

ArtistTitleCopyright Year
16 Volt Let Down Crush None
16 Volt Skin None
808 State 808 Utd. State 90 None
808 State 808:88:98 None
ABBA Gold 1999
AFX Vol 3 -- Analogue Bubblebath None
AFX Vol. 4 -- Analogue Bubblebath None
Acucrack The Mawn Reproduction 2013
Adams, John Nixon in China 1988
Alien Sex Fiend Acid Bath None
Alien Sex Fiend Altered States of America, The None
Alien Sex Fiend Curse None
Alien Sex Fiend Inferno None
Alien Sex Fiend Open Head Surgery None
Allman Brothers Band, The Brothers and Sisters None
And One 9.9.99. 9 Uhr None
And One STOP 2013
And One Tanzomat 2011
Angels & Agony Avatar 2004
Angelspit Krankhaus 2007
Aphex Twin Ambient Works Vol 2. None
Aphex Twin Come to Daddy None
Aphex Twin Donkey Rhubarb None
Aphex Twin I Care Because You Do None
Aphex Twin Richard D. James Album None
Aphex Twin Syro 2014
Aphex Twin Windowlicker None
Apoptygma Berzerk 7 1996
Apoptygma Berzerk Black EP 2006
Apoptygma Berzerk Exit Popularity Contest 2016
Apoptygma Berzerk Kathy's Song None
Apoptygma Berzerk The Apopcalyptic Manifesto 1998
Apoptygma Berzerk Welcome to Earth None
Art of Noise The Drum and Bass Collection None
Art of Noise, The Ambient Collection, The None
Art of Noise, The In Visible Silence None
Arvo Pärt The Symphonies 2018
Assemblage 23 Binary 2007
Assemblage 23 Bruise 2012
Assemblage 23 Compass 2009
Assemblage 23 Contempt 2001
Assemblage 23 Defiance 2002
Assemblage 23 Endure (Deluxe Edition) 2016
Assemblage 23 Failure 2001
Assemblage 23 Meta 2007
Assemblage 23 Storm 2004
Avatar Angels and Agony 2004
Ayria Flicker 2007
Ayria Hearts for Bullets 2008
Azoic, The Forward… 2001
Azoic, The Illuminate 2004
Aztec Camera New Live and Rare None
Aztec Camera Stray None
Back Bay Ringers Merry and Bright 2007
Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band None
Bellini, Vincenzo I puritani 1953
Benjamin Barnes' Swindlefish Unlucky 2014
Biafra, Jello with DOA Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors None
Bigod 20 Supercute None
Biopsy Nervate None
Birmingham 6 Resurrection 1999
Boston String Quartet On Christmas Eve 2007
Boston String Quartet Spectrum 2006
Brubeck Quartet, The Dave Time Out None
Butthole Surfers Independent Worm Saloon None
C-Tec Darker None
Cabaret Voltaire Body and Soul None
Cabaret Voltaire Colours None
Cabaret Voltaire Conversation, The None
Cabaret Voltaire Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, The None
Cabaret Voltaire Live at the YMCA 27/10/79 None
Cabaret Voltaire Living Legends, The None
Cabaret Voltaire The Original Sound of Sheffield ‘78/’82 2002
Cabaret Voltaire Three Mantras None
Caberet Voltaire International Language None
Camoflage Methods of Silence None
Camper Van Beethoven Key Lime Pie None
Carreras Best of the Three Tenors, The 2002
Cesium 137 Elemental 2004
Chemlab Burn Out at the Hydrogen Bar None
Chemlab East Side Militia None
Chemlab East Side Militia (Bonus Tracks) None
Chemlab Magnetic Field Remixes None
Chemlab Oxidizer 2004
Chemlab Rock Whore vs. Dance Floor 2003
Chemlab Suture 2001
Chris and Cosey Pagan Tango None
Chris and Cosey Trance None
Cibo Matto Viva! La Woman 1996
Clock DVA Collective None
Clock DVA Voice Recognition Test None
Coil Love's Sec None
Collide Vortex 2004
Colony 5 Fixed 2005
Combichrist Everybody Hates You 2005
Combichrist Get Your Body Beat 2006
Combichrist Today We Are All Demons 2009
Como, Perry Season's Greetings from Perry Como 1959
Concrete Blonde Bloodletting None
Connelly, Chris Initials C.C. 2002
Controlled Bleeding Hog Floor 1989
Controlled Bleeding Penetration None
Covenant Brave New World 2006
Covenant Last Dance 2013
Covenant Leaving Babylon 2013
Covenant Lightbringer 2011
Covenant Modern Ruin 2013
Covenant Northern Light 2002
Covenant Ritual Noise 2006
Covenant Skyshaper 2006
Covenant Sound Mirrors 2016
Covenant The Blinding Dark (Deluxe) 2016
Covenant United States of Mind None
Crash Worship Adrv None
Crash Worship Asesinos None
Crash Worship Triple Mania II None
Cubanate Antimatter 1995
Cubanate Interference 1998
Current 93 Lucifer Over London None
Cyberaktif Tenebrae Vision None
DJ? Acucrack Humanoids from the Deep 2007
DJ? Acucrack Killing Mobius 2005
DJ? Acucrack Mako vs Geist 2004
DJ? Acucrack Mutants of Sound 1998
DJ? Acucrack Nation State 1997
DJ? Acucrack Sorted 2000
DJ? Acucrack The Mutants are Coming… and I Believe They are of Sound! 2000
Daft Punk Random Access Memories 2013
Daft Punk TRON: Legacy 2010
Daft Punk Tron: Legacy Reconfigured 2011
David Ian Vintage Christmas 2011
David Ian Vintage Christmas Wonderland 2013
De/Vision 13 2016
De/Vision Subkutan 2006
De/vision 13 2016
Dead Kennedys Frankenchrist None
Depeche Mode Behind the Wheel 1992
Depeche Mode Black Celebration None
Depeche Mode Catching Up With Depeche Mode None
Depeche Mode Construction Time Again 1983
Depeche Mode Music for the Masses None
Depeche Mode People Are People None
Depeche Mode Personal Jesus/Dangerous None
Depeche Mode Policy of Truth/Kaleid None
Depeche Mode Singles 7-12 None
Depeche Mode Some Great Reward None
Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion None
Depeche Mode Strangelove 1992
Depeche Mode Ultra 1997
Depeche Mode Violator None
Dernière Volonté Devant le Miroir 2008
Dink Dink 1994
Dismantled Hero 2016
Download Charlie's Family None
Download Furnace None
Download III None
Download Microscopic None
Download Sidewinder None
Dudley, Anne and Jaz Coleman Songs from the Victorious City None
Edge of Dawn Anything That Gets You Through the Night 2010
Einstuerzende Neubauten Kollaps None
Einstürzende Neubauten Heiner Müller: Die Hamletmaschine 1991
Electronic Electronic None
Electronic Getting Away With It/Lucky Bag None
Electrostatic Awake Alone 2002
Emergency Broadcast Network Behavior Modification/We Will Rock You 1992
Emergency Broadcast Network Telecommunication Breakdown None
Emilie Autumn Opheliac 2008
Enigma MCMXC AD None
Equinox Holon 1998
Eric Whitacre Light and Gold 2010
Excessive Force Conquer Your World None
Fanek, Samer Call of the Desert 2022
Fanek, Samer Wishful Thinking 2016
Front 242 Front by Front None
Front 242 Geography None
Front 242 Geography None
Front 242 Headhunter 2000 1998
Front 242 No Comment None
Front 242 Official Version None
Front 242 Pulse 2003
Front 242 Tyrrany For You None
Front Line Assembly Artificial Soldier 2006
Front Line Assembly Caustic Grip None
Front Line Assembly Civilization 2004
Front Line Assembly Comatose None
Front Line Assembly Corroded Disorder None
Front Line Assembly Epitaph 2001
Front Line Assembly Fallout 2007
Front Line Assembly Flavour of the Weak None
Front Line Assembly Implode None
Front Line Assembly Improvised Electronic Device 2010
Front Line Assembly Initial Command None
Front Line Assembly Millennium 2007
Front Line Assembly Monument None
Front Line Assembly Re-wind 1998
Front Line Assembly Tactical Neural Implant 1992
Full Dynamic Range Lost Generation None
Funker Vogt Arising Hero 2010
Funker Vogt Companion in Crime 2013
Funker Vogt Execution Tracks 1998
Funker Vogt Maschine Zeit None
Funker Vogt Navigator 2005
Funker Vogt Revivor 2003
Funker Vogt Survivor 2002
Future Sound of London Accelerator None
Future Sound of London Dead Cities None
Future Sound of London From the Archives, Vol 2 2007
Future Sound of London ISDN None
Future Sound of London Lifeforms None
Galvany Street Booka Shade 2017
Godflesh Merciless None
Godflesh Streetcleaner None
Hafler Trio Bag of CD… None
Hanzel und Gretyl Born to Be Heiled 2012
Hanzel und Gretyl Transmissions from Uranus 1997
Hard Wired Front Line Assembly 1995
Hate Dept. Technical Difficulties None
Hope, Peter and Richard H. Kirk Hoodoo Talk None
How to Destroy Angels Welcome Oblivion 2013
Hunting Lodge Necropolis None
Hüsker Dü Warehouse: Songs and Stories None
Icon of Coil Machines Are Us 2004
Icon of Coil One Nation Under Beat & Seren EP 2000
Icon of Coil Serenity is the Devil 2000
Icon of Coil Soul is in the Software, The 2002
Icon of Coil Uploaded and Remixed 2004
Imperative Reaction Redemption 2004
In Strict Confidence Holy 2004
Informatik Nymphomatik 2002
Interface The Perfect World 2013
Iris Radiant 2014
Isolrubin BK Crash Injury Trauma None
Jane's Addiction "Three Days"/"Stop" None
Jane's Addiction Ritual de lo Habitual None
Jeff Victor and Wayne Jones Christmas Piano 2012
Jello Biafra I Blow Minds for a Living None
Jello Biafra with No Means No Sky Is Falling and I Want My Mommy, The None
Jesus Jones Liquidizer None
KMDFM Adios 2007
KMFDM Agogo 1998
KMFDM Godlike None
KMFDM Hell Yeah 2017
KMFDM Money None
KMFDM Naïve None
KMFDM Naïve None
KMFDM Nihil None
KMFDM What Do You Know, Deutschland? None
KMFDM Xtort None
Kraftwerk Autobahn None
Kraftwerk Computer World None
Kraftwerk Electric Cafe None
Kraftwerk Man Machine None
Lab Report Figure X-71 None
Lab Report Unhealthy None
Lard 70’s Rock Must Die 2000
Lard Last Temptation of Reid, The None
Lard Power of Lard EP None
Lard Pure Chewing Satisfaction None
Legend Midnight Champion 2017
Libera Visions 2005
Lifescapes Christmas Stress Relief 2010
Lights of Euphoria Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen 2004
Little People Cantemos en Navidad! 2011
Lords of Acid Expand Your Head 1999
Lords of Acid Gimme Gimme 2003
Lords of Acid I Must Increase My Bust None
Lords of Acid Lust None
Lords of Acid Our Little Secret None
Lords of Acid Vampire Girl 2012
Lords of Acid Voodoo-U None
Luciano Pavarotti The Best of Luciano Pavarotti 2003
Lustmord Juggernaut 2006
Lustmord Metavoid 2001
Lustmord Purifying Fire 2000
Lustmord Zoetrope 2002
Lustmord, B and Robert Rich Stalker None
Lustmørd DV04 None
Lustmørd Heresy None
Lustmørd Paradise Disowned None
Lustmørd Place where the Black Stars Hang, The None
Lustmørd The Monstrous Soul None
Lustmørd vs. Metal Beast Lustmørd vs. Metal Beast None
M83 Hurry Up, We're Dreaming 2011
MC 900 Ft Jesus Welcome to My Dream None
MC 900ft. Jesus One Step Ahead of the Spider None
Maki Namekawa Philip Glass: The Complete Piano Etudes 2014
Manifest Vision Carbon Method None
Melvins + Lustmord Pigs of the Roman Empire 2004
Mendelssohn Symphony No. 2 - Hymn of Praise 1988
Mesh Looking Skyward 2016
Mighty Lemon Drops, The World Without End None
Mind in a Box 8 Bits 2010
Mind in a Box Certainty 2005
Mind in a Box Crossroads 2007
Mind in a Box Dreamweb 2005
Mind in a Box Lost Alone 2004
Mind in a Box R.E.T.R.O. 2010
Mind in a Box What Used to Be 2007
Ministry Dark Side of the Spoon 1999
Ministry Filth Pig None
Ministry In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (LIVE) None
Ministry Jesus Built My Hotrod None
Ministry KEOAH None
Ministry Land of Rape and Honey None
Ministry Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, The None
Ministry Twelve Inch Singles None
Ministry Twitch None
Mitch Miller and the Gang Christmas Sing-Along with Mitch 1958
Mitch Miller and the Gang Holiday Sing Along with Mitch 1961
Moev Head Down None
Moev Yeah Whatever 1989
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Confessions of a Knife… None
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Crime for All Season, A None
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Days of Swine and Roses, The None
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Dirty Little Secrets: Music to Strip By... None
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult I See Good Spirits and Bad SpiritsThrill Kill Kult None
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Kooler than Jesus None
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Sexplosion None
Negativland Guns None
Neuroticfish Les Chansons Neurotiques 2002
New Order Get Ready 2001
New Order Republic None
New Order Substance None
New Order Technique None
New Order World in Motion… None
Night Club Love Casualty 2013
Nine Inch Nails Add Violence 2017
Nine Inch Nails And All That Could Have Been 2002
Nine Inch Nails Broken None
Nine Inch Nails Downward Spiral None
Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks 2013
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine None
Nine Inch Nails Sin None
Nine Inch Nails The Fragile None
Nine Inch Nails Year Zero 2007
Nitzer Ebb "Lightning Man"/"Getting Closer"/"Fun to Be Had" None
Nitzer Ebb As Is None
Nitzer Ebb Belief None
Nitzer Ebb Body Rework 2006
Nitzer Ebb Body of Work 2006
Nitzer Ebb CD Neb 2 None
Nitzer Ebb Ebbhead None
Nitzer Ebb ICP 2009
Nitzer Ebb Showtime None
Nitzer Ebb That Total Age None
Noise Unit Voyeur 2005
Non Blood & Flame None
Non God and Beast None
Nurse With Wound Merzbild Schwet None
Nurse with Wound Large Ladies With Cake in the Oven None
Orb Adventures in the Ultraworld None
Orb Orblivion None
Orb Orbus Terrarum None
Orb Pomme Fritz None
Orb U.F. Orb None
Orb, The Dream, The 2007
Orbital Blue Album 2004
Orbital In Sides None
Orbital Orbital 2 1992
Orbital Snivilization None
Orbital The Middle of Nowhere None
Orbital Wonky 2012
Other Lustmord 2008
Pansentient Surface and Symbol 2006
Paul Scheffert Trio, The Sunday at the Palace None
Pigface Fook None
Pigface Gub None
Pigface Notes from the Underground None
Pigface Washingmachine Mouth None
Pigface Welcome to Mexico…Asshole None
Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother 1970
Pink Floyd Delicate Sound of Thunder None
Pink Floyd Shine On None
Pixies Bossanova None
Pixies Doolittle None
Pop Will Eat Itself Cure for Sanity None
Pop Will Eat Itself Dos Dedos Mis Amigos None
Pop Will Eat Itself Go Box Frenzy None
Pop Will Eat Itself Now for a Feast None
Pop Will Eat Itself This is the day… This is the hour… This is THIS! None
Praga Khan Pragamatic None
Praga Khan Twenty First Century Skin None
Pride and Fall In My Time of Dying 2007
Prince Batman: Motion Picture Soundtrack None
Pro > Tech Orbiting Cathedrals 2000
Prodigy Fat of the Land None
Project Pitchfork Eon: Eon 1998
R.E.M. Document None
Rammstein Herzeleid None
Ray Conniff We Wish You a Merry Christmas 1962
Ray Conniff Singers, The Christmas with Conniff None
Razed in Black Damaged 2003
Razed in Black Sacrificed None
Razed in Black Shrieks, Laments and Anguished Cries 1996
Revenge One True Passion None
Revenge Pinapple Face None
Revolting Cocks Beers, Steers, and Queers None
Revolting Cocks Big Sexy Land None
Revolting Cocks Linger Fickin’ Good 1993
Robinson, Morris Going Home 2007
Rotersand Welcome to Goodbye 2005
SPK Gold and Poison None
SPK Information Overload Unit None
San Francisco Symphony Chorus Christmas by the Bay 1998
Santana Greatest Hits None
Sara Noxx featuring Project Pitchfork Earth Song 2008
Satie Gymnopédies Gnossiennes Sarabandes 2006
Scar Tissue Rebuild None
Scar Tissue Separator None
Scar Tissue TMOTD None
Scorn Colossus None
Scorn Deliverance 1997
Scorn Gyral None
Scorn Logghi Barogghi None
Scorn White Irises Blind 1997
Seabound Beyond Flatline 2004
Seabound Double-Crosser 2006
Seabound Speak in Storms 2014
Seadogs Naughty and Nautical 2012
Seadogs Spank the Monkey, Blow the Man, and Other Not Child-Friendly Sailor Songs 2018
Seadogs The Paddy West School of Seamanship 2003
Shamen En-Tact None
She Wants Revenge She Wants Revenge 2006
Sinatra, Frank The Very Good Years None
Skinny Puppy Brap! None
Skinny Puppy Greater Wrong of the Right, The 2004
Skinny Puppy HanDover 2011
Skinny Puppy Last Rights None
Skinny Puppy Mythmaker 2007
Skinny Puppy Process, The None
Skinny Puppy Rabies None
Skinny Puppy Too Dark Park None
Skinny Puppy Twelve Inch Anthology None
Skinny Puppy Weapon 2013
Slatkin, Leonard The Music of Samuel Barber 1988
Slave Unit Certificate of Participation 2009
Sleep Chamber Sacred and Surreal None
Sleep Chamber Sacrosanct None
Sleep Chamber Secrets ov 23 None
Sleep Chamber Sentinel Serenade 1998
Sleep Chamber Sexmagick Ritual None
Sleep Chamber Siamese Succubi None
Sleep Chamber Sins Ov Obsession None
Sleep Chamber Sirkle Zero None
Sleep Chamber Sirkus None
Sleep Chamber Sleep, or Forever Hold Your Peace None
Sleep Chamber Sleeping Sickness None
Sleep Chamber Some Godz Die Young None
Sleep Chamber Spellbound Submission None
Sleep Chamber Symphonie Sexualis None
Smithereens, The 11 None
Smiths, The Meat is Murder None
Snog Beyond the Valley of the Proles 2003
Snog Lies Inc./Dear Valued Customer None
Snog Third Mall from the Sun None
Sonic Youth Goo None
Soul Asylum Hang Time None
Soup Dragons, The Love God None
Spacemen 3 Performance None
Spahn Ranch Closure 2001
Steel Pole Bath Tub Tulip None
Steven Bailey The Art of the Opera Transcription 2001
Stravinsky Firebird, Nightengale, and More 1991
Suicide Commando Bind, Torture, Kill 2006
Synaesthesia Embody 1995
Tangerine Dream Atlantic Walls 1999
Tangerine Dream Green Desert 2011
Tangerine Dream Legend, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 1985
Tangerine Dream Lily on the Beach None
Tangerine Dream Mota Atma 2003
Tangerine Dream Optical Race None
Tangerine Dream Phaedra None
Tangerine Dream Rockface 2003
Tangerine Dream Rocking Mars 2005
Tangerine Dream Stratosfear 1976
Tangerine Dream Underwater Sunlight 1986
Test Dept Ecstacy Under Duress None
Test Dept Materia Prima None
The Azoic Conflict 2003
The Azoic Corruption 2012
The Azoic Re:Illumination 2008
The Very Best of Maria Callas Callas, Maria 2002
They Might Be Giants Apollo 18 None
They Might Be Giants Flood None
They Might Be Giants Istanbul (not Constantinople) None
They Might Be Giants Lincoln None
They Might Be Giants They Might Be Giants None
Thievery Corporation Outernational Sound, The 2004
Throbbing Gristle The Second Annual Report of Throbbing Gristle None
Thyx Below the City 2013
Thyx Headless 2016
Thyx Super Vision 2014
Thyx The Way Home 2012
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Dream Child - A Christmas Dream 2013
Tumor Circus Tumor Circus None
VNV Nation Automatic 2011
VNV Nation Empires None
VNV Nation Futureperfect 2002
VNV Nation Matter + Form 2005
VNV Nation Of Faith, Power and Glory 2009
VNV Nation Praise the Fallen None
VNV Nation Reformation 01 2009
VNV Nation Transnational 2013
Various 21st Circuitry: Newer Wave 2.0 None
Various 21st Circuitry: Shox 2 None
Various Electronic Saviors III: Remission 2014
Various Gotta Get It Hits 2000
Various Just Say Da (Vol. IV of Just Say Yes) None
Various Just Say Mao (Vol. III of Just Say Yes) None
Various Kids Holiday Favories 2011
Various Vhutem … None
Various World's Greatest '80s Tribute to Madonna, The 2006
Various Artists Electro Industrial Assassins 1995
Various: Pump Up the Volume Original Motion Picture Soundtrack None
Velvet Acid Christ Between the Eyes - Vol 1 2004
Velvet Acid Christ Between the Eyes - Vol 2 2004
Velvet Acid Christ Between the Eyes - Vol 3 2004
Velvet Acid Christ Calling ov the Dead None
Velvet Acid Christ Fun with Knives None
Velvet Acid Christ Hex Angel: Utopia-Dystopia 2003
Velvet Acid Christ Lust for Blood 2006
Velvet Acid Christ Neuralblastoma None
Velvet Acid Christ The Art of Breaking Apart 2009
Virus 23 Masquerade Madness None
Vomito Negro New Drug, The None
Wagner, Richard Tristan und Isolde (Birgit Nilsson, Wolfgang Windgassen - Karl Böhm) 1966
Waters, Roger Radio KAOS None
Wolfsheim 55578 1995
Wolfsheim Casting Shadows 2003
Wolfsheim Find You’re Here 2003
Wolfsheim No Happy View 1992
Wolfsheim Spectators 2001
Wumpscut Blood Child None
Wumpscut Bone Peeler 2004
Wumpscut Cannibal Anthem 2006
Wumpscut Wreath of Barbs 2001
Xymox Twist of Shadows None
Yankovic, Weird Al Bad Hair Day 1996
Yankovic, Weird Al Dare to Be Stupid 1985
Yankovic, Weird Al In 3-D 1984
Yankovic, Weird Al Off the Deep End 1992
Yankovic, Weird Al Running with Scissors 1999
Zia Shem None
Zoviet France Loh Land None
Zoviet France Shouting at the Ground None
Zoviet France Soviet France None
Überzone Digital Mix, The 2002
Überzone Faith in the Future 2001
Überzone Ideology 2007
Überzone Y4K 2004