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I would like to acknowledge the advice, help, and encouragement I received from Michael Blair, Dr. Olin Shivers, Dr. Kleanthes Koniaris, Daniel Coore, Ed Moriarty, Myron Freeman, Bob Givan, Sarah Culmone, Susan Lucas, and Prof. Hal Abelson.

A great deal of credit is due to the other members of the TCFS team: Dr. Alan Bawden and Pandora Berman. Without their efforts this project would still be a few scribbles on the back of a paper napkin. They helped with everything from the design and implementation of this system, to historical information, to making sure this document looked like it was written in English. I am just a newcomer to this team; they have been working to preserve our old data since the time much of it was originally written. Charles Hannum and Nicholas Papadakis also assisted us in implementing some critical tools and the TCFS team sincerely appreciates their efforts.

Special thanks go to Mary Chung's suan la chow show for keeping the project members happy and well fed during important ``design meetings.'' Lastly, I'd better not forget the numbers ``0'' and ``1'', they helped quite a bit.