Some Neat Pictures I Have Taken

All pictures taken by me; all rights reserved.

Monaco Business Trip

These pictures are on a separate page.

Sunset in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta sunset over the water

My Dog "Huck" (a treeing walker coonhound) (??? -- Apr 8, 1996)

dog looking like he's driving a truck This is my dog taking my '77 Chevy (which I no longer own) out for a ride. He did OK until he tried to chase a racoon up a tree with it.

As seen on TV (alternate)!

Perry N. Finley (Apr 30, 1971 -- Apr 3, 1995)

Perry's signature pose Omnipotent ruler of the universe.

Perry and his birthday gift Enjoying his birthday gift. Put that knife down before you hurt it!

Wurtsmith SAC Base in Michigan with Boy Scout Troop #145

Boy Scouts and guns >An assortment of M-16's, an M-70 grenade launcher, and an M-60 machine gun. All old hat to a seasoned troop of Boy Scouts. You should have seen the MPs' faces when one of our tenderfoot scouts had that M-16 disassembled and reassembled in 2 minutes. I guess the undermounted grenade launcher with quadrant sight threw him off, since we only issued those to the Senior Patrol.

Boy Scout and M-60 One of our younger scouts working on his counter-insurgency merit badge.

There was an ice storm on our way back, it was just too pretty not to take pictures.

The front of a B-52 strategic bomber, with the old Vietnam-era color scheme.

More B-52's.

The inside of the bomb bay of a B-52. I didn't get to ride on a bomb, like in Dr. Strangelove, though.

Rear shot of a B-52 with flaps fully extended.

A B-52 with the new color scheme.

A shot of the tarmac from the control tower.

A KC-135 refueling plane performing a "touch-and-go" landing for training purposes. This is where the plane has all the wheels touch the runway, and then the plane takes off again; this is supposedly easier than a full landing. You may notice the smoke coming off the rear wheels.

Shot of some papers in the control tower.

Some British planes that had come for a visit. I believe they had VTOL capibility.

Willow Springs Race Track in California (near Edwards AFB)

race car My wife's dad has a car that he races on weekends. He's changed the body and color scheme twice since this photo.

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