Bexley: (former) Home Sweet Home of Boogles

Bexley will soon be no more

My Much Skewed Description of Bexley

So, what is Bexley? What ever I say, there will be much disagreement. Hence, I provided my skewed description of Bexley.

The Bexley Mural

Archive of the Bexley Mailing List

This is majorly out of date, since it hasn't had a new entry since 1994. After a few former residents contacted me, I decided to make it password protected. They didn't want their kids and employers to see what foolish things they wrote in college. After considering all the foolish things I wrote on the list, I agreed.

If you want access, write me and convince me to give you the password.

The Bexley Whipped Cream Factory

I understand that many people at Bexley have a hobby of making whipped cream, but this is not one of my pastimes. However, I thought it was worth noting since there was a web page on it.

The Residents of Bexley

Unofficial Communiques from the Bexley Anti-Fascist League

Some people actually gave me online copies of some of the filth they have postered the dorm with. Pretty neat.

We also have cocktail parties!

Bexley vs. the FBI

Last updated November 13, 2013.