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In reverse chronological order...

He helps them secure the internet with identity mangagement, single sign-on, user lifecycle management, OAuth, federation, workflow automation, etc. "Identity is the new perimeter."
Revolutionizing healthcare for everyone on the planet. We have a mathematical model of human physiology and disease processes that will help doctors, HMOs, pharmaceutical companies, governments, and NGOs make better and more cost-effective decisions about treatment. The company was founded by David M. Eddy
Wily Technology
Web application performance management - I'm helping them manage all the world's web applications. Check it out. We probably keep your bank and insurance company running, and you don't even know it.
BEA Systems
I was the development lead for all the administrative tools for BEA WebLogic Integration 8.1.
ChemConnect Inc.
This is my first true startup experience, joining as the 20th person or so. They want to change the way the whole chemical industry works, and I'm really excited about it. Not bad when you consider that it is the largest industry in the world at $1.3T a year.
Pointcast Inc.
Flooding the corporate firewalls of the world with more traffic than they can handle and slowly bringing the Internet to it's knees with our free news, weather, sports, stock, etc. application that doubles as a screensaver. Instead of watching flying toasters while on the phone you can view useful information. Did I mention it is all free free free?

Was renamed EntryPoint and now called Infogate.

I was working at Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores, California. I helped the Internet Products Group write the Oracle Internet Server 1.0 and 2.0, later known as the Oracle Web Server and Oracle Web Application Server.

MIT: The "Switzerland" Group at Technology Square
Also known as Project MAC.

MIT: EECS Educational Computing Facility
I used to work here for a long time, but don't work here officially any longer. Occasionally I can be found around there helping about.

Other Major Interests

Perry N. Finley Foundation, Ltd. -- Member of the Board of Directors
The Perry N. Finley Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization formed in 1995 to continue Perry's work after his death, dealing with the publication of complex scientific text on the net, freedom of speech issues and concerns relating to privacy rights that might limit those freedoms.

Where I Live

I'm currently living in San Francisco, California. I've tried out other places in the SF bay area, and have decided that the city is my current favorite.

We bought a house!

Previous Places Still of Interest

I used to live in an apartment right off the MIT campus that was a hop, a skip, and a jump away from the building I worked in at MIT. I even made a little web page so people can find my apartment. Well, it's of little use now that I'm not there, but isn't that what the web is for?

Before that, I used to live at Bexley Hall on the MIT campus, probably one of the more strange places to live at MIT. I have a decent page on the dorm, and I hope it's amusing.

Important Stuff You Should Read

The David LaMacchia Defense Fund
was organized to ensure that David LaMacchia gets a fair trial. LaMacchia has been indicted by the federal government for conspiracy to commit wire fraud by creating an Internet bulletin board. The Fund's Web page provides information about the case (from original sources only) and instructions on how to make a donation. The Fund takes no position on the merits of either side's case.
The EFF Homepage
"The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a civil liberties organization working to protect your rights online." I would personally describe them as the ACLU for cyberspace. They are involved in many worthwhile projects, and I think they could use all our support. I'm a member, and would encourage anyone to join.
American Civil Liberties Union
The more traditional non-electronic version of the EFF.

Useful Stuff

International Rhino Foundation
I'm even a card-carrying member.
SOS Rhino
Don't miss out on the rhino photo safari.
Useful FTP Sites
This is mostly for my own use, but this is how I'll try to keep track of interesting packages that I've ported to my machine. This way I can check for updates quickly.
On-ramps onto that tired metphor for the internet
I got sick of using other people's meta-indices and waiting all day for them to load, only to find out that half the links are dead or out of date. So I made my owm little meta-index of things that I use every day to find stuff when I'm surfing the web.
Remailer Info
I'm also keeping my own little list of remailers, since the lists I used to use just got so chaotic.
PGP Public Key Server
Can't remember all those keys? Don't want to have a 10MB key file? Trying to find an old friend's key? Use the keyserver!
Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition by Guy L. Steele
This is a really good book on Common Lisp that I use as a reference quite often. It's also known as the green brick. I have a paper copy which I actually use, I guess on-line media isn't at the point yet that I can give up my paper copy yet.
(HAM) Amateur Radio Web Server
My callsign is N1TNN. Find out all about the wonderful world of HAM radio. Kinda like surfing the net without the wires.
Library of Congress
The United States Library of Congress is putting more and more stuff on the web each day. The most useful things are the on-line legislative archive and soon to be on-line congressional record. The most fun thing is the scanned images of the manuscripts for the Gettysburg Address.
U.S. House and Senate Information Online
This is pretty impressive with full-text searches of all the bills and resolutions, committee schedules, the congressional calendar, and other items the congress-critters like to make available.
Phrack Magazine Online
A pretty interesting magazine with all kinds of useful tidbits.
Nifty index service that you can index your server with too.
Britannica Online
This is a subscription service that gives you access to a full version of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

My Fun Stuff

Stuff that I have a hand in maintaining, and can fix if it's broken.

The Unofficial Course 6 Underground Guide Stats Web Page (MIT only)
The Course 6 Underground Guide is a publication produced by Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) , the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Honor Society, at the end of every term. This guide evaluates all of the classes taught in Course 6 and the instructors teaching them. Very recently, the entire archive of these guides was made avaiable to everyone online.

This mini-project takes all this public data and manipulates it so that you can produce nifty graphs showing the ratings of various courses over the years.

Some pictures I have taken.
A selection of vacation pictures, etc. that I've scanned in while avoiding work on my thesis.
Athena Haters Archive
This is an archive of the mailing list The Athena computer system is revered by some, and hated by many. This mailing list reflects this sentiment, and it quite humorous if you have the time.
The Illuminati
First it was crop circles, then it was mutilated cows, then it was athena moving to AFS, then it was my sendmail daemon acting up. Who knows who's watching you? I'll just keep the tin foil in my windows to be safe.
Some bad quotes and humor.
Hey, if you don't like it. Don't read it! :-)
Random Art Gallery
Some interesting and often quite disturbing art that I found on the net.

Other Fun Links

Lots of stuff that isn't mine, but I like anyway.

Old Fun Stuff
These are items that used to be on this list, but I think were getting tiresome, so I took them off.

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